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What is White Glove Delivery and When Should You Use It?

Posted on July 2, 2021

While the average consumer seems to be concerned with speed, convenience, and delivery, it places additional demand on companies to provide the customer with more than just a product or service; a full shopping experience!

To please the buyer, companies are now adopting the latest developments in customer care and product delivery in reaction to this demanding lifestyle.

This is where the White-Glove Service steps in. Continue reading to find out more about white glove delivery.

What is white glove delivery service?

White-Glove Services are those that go above and beyond for the customers. You provide these services to make delivery faster and safer without requiring consumers to do anything. You give your customers peace of mind in the operation, before, during, and after the delivery is done.

Standard VS Threshold VS White Glove Delivery

You may have come across these words when researching delivery services. Let us take a moment to discuss them so you can make an informed decision.

Standard delivery is the most popular parcel delivery system, from companies like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. They transport your package from its origin to the front door of your home or company. It is a low-cost and widely used delivery service that usually takes anywhere from overnight to 5 to 10 business days.

Threshold delivery, on the other hand, is a bit different. In this situation, the delivery service will also move your package from its origin to your home or business. However, when they arrive, they carry your shipment inside.

This kind of service is becoming more popular. Amazon, the world’s 4th most valuable brand, according to Forbes, also provides free threshold shipping to Prime members. Other online stores will soon follow if their history as a market leader is any indicator.

Now, let’s talk about white glove service delivery. Consider it the Louis Vuitton of delivery services.

When you pay for white glove shipping, you are paying for superior quality. Your cargo is handled with the utmost care. When it arrives at your place, it is brought inside, unpacked, and set up.

The packaging material is then disposed of by the movers.

You are not required to do anything. This service is ideal for big freight that is easily broken & damaged, like scratchable furniture or fragile goods pallets. Assess the large shipments that require special care.

How much does white glove delivery cost?

White glove delivery services, believe it or not, are also classified as low-cost large-item delivery. 

The following factors can have an effect on your price:

LOCATION: The price is determined by the distance the shipment would move, which includes miles and whether or not the shipment crossed a barrier, necessitating customs and border clearance.

DELIVERY: Where would you want your package to be delivered? Would it require movers to climb 4 floors to reach your property? And even Difficult-to-reach drop-off locations play a role in the cost of the delivery.

ANY SPECIAL HANDLING OR CONSIDERATIONS: If your shipping needs special handling or considerations, such as temperature management or specialized machinery, you may incur additional costs.

DELIVERY SCHEDULE: It would cost you extra to schedule delivery overnight or on a holiday. It puts more strain on the delivery service, and it frequently costs the service money in the form of overtime or additional salaries.

Questions to ask a white glove delivery service

Take the time to make sure you’re dealing with a service that matches your needs whether you’re an individual consumer or a business that requires white glove delivery services. 

Do not be afraid to inquire and ask about a company’s operation or the handling of your shipment. Start off by asking yourself questions like:

  • Will you assign a delivery time? Can I schedule a specific delivery time?
  • Is it possible to get delivery on the weekends or in the evening? Is there an additional fee?
  • Do you include product assembly?
  • Will your movers carry my package up the stairs?
  • Will your delivery professionals clean up after themselves and remove packing material?
  • Do I need to be present to accept the delivery? 
  • Do you have an automated delivery option?

Keep asking questions until you get a response. On a daily basis, even small delivery services work with hundreds of clients. They can’t possibly know what each customer wants, so they aim for the middle ground.

That doesn’t suggest they think you’re unimportant or irrelevant. Quite the contrary, in reality. They just need to know if you have any unusual standards in order to meet them.

Preparing your white glove package

Is there anything else you need to do if you’ve purchased white glove delivery? It all depends on what you want to get out of it.

Here are few tips for expediting your delivery and helping your moving crew.

  • Examine the pathway that leads from the front door to the desired room. Remove all throw rugs, ropes, cords, or other items that might trip the movers. If your package is particularly big, you may need to take your door off its hinges as well.
  • You’ll need to clear the area where you want to place your package, as well as move any things that your movers may trip over. Sweep, clean, and mop the floor if necessary. That way, when your package arrives, it will be nice and clean.
  • Cover the floors yourself if your delivery service does not use drop cloths or other protective measures. While thin plastic sheets are inexpensive, they are prone to tearing. To avoid scratching the tiles, cover them with thick tarps or canvas drop cloths.
  • You’d be surprised by how many people overlook the most important thing. When the delivery men arrive, someone has to let them in. And it has to be someone who is at least 18 years old.

The services provided by a white glove service vary depending on the organization. Expect nothing less than the best possible customer service from Clutch Moving Company. Providing you with top-notch service from beginning to end.