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When To Book Your Move

Posted on September 14, 2022

Although Americans are always on the go during the summer, this year has presented its own special obstacles because of unheard-of supply chain disruptions, a labor scarcity, and increased customer demand. Your scheduling choices and delivery times may change as a result, depending on where and when you wish to move.

Since providing the greatest moving experience possible has always been our main focus, we want you to be aware of these difficulties and want to reassure you that we’re working diligently to ensure your move takes place as soon as possible. The guidelines listed below provide suggestions on how we can work to fulfill your goals.

When should I hire movers in advance?

Professional movers may be found depending on a number of variables, such as the state of the market, the locations you are relocating to and from, and the season of the year you are moving.

We advise making reservations as long in advance as you can, especially during the busy summer moving season, which runs from May through September.

Why is early reservation for movers important?

You need time to properly plan and execute your move, and your mover needs time to do the same. As soon as you can, start looking into several moving companies and the services that would best suit your needs. You’ll feel less stress during the whole moving process the more time and preparation you can give yourself, your loved ones, and the moving company.

When should I book my mover?

The location of your intended move has a significant impact on this. While capacity and logistical issues are not at all an issue in some parts of the nation, they are in others. What is the best recommendation we have? Schedule the day of your relocation in advance. being adaptable? Please make your reservations as early as possible. This will guarantee that we provide the kind of service you’ve come to expect.

However, given the many move types, below are some general guidelines:

Interstate Moves

You should make bookings far in advance of your move date if you’re relocating out of state or across the nation during the summer. Booking your move date in advance is usually a smart choice, even during slower seasons of the year.

Find a reputable and skilled interstate mover by conducting some online research. Occasionally, interstate moves cannot be handled by local moving agencies. In order to protect customers prior to, during, and after their relocations, every move that involves crossing state lines must abide by U.S. federal rules and regulations, including licensing requirements.

Intrastate Moves 

During the summer, plan ahead if you’re moving to a different city within your state. It is best to set a move date with a potential intrastate mover as far in advance as you can, just as with other types of moves.

Local Move

Even moving locally and within the same state requires careful planning in advance. In a perfect world, especially during the summer, we advise getting in touch with potential local movers early.

International Moves

It can be a difficult and complicated procedure to move abroad, requiring particular documents, logistics for shipment, ongoing ocean freight back-up, and customs paperwork and certifications. Speak with your employer if your move is connected to your employment since they may have relocation consultants on staff. If you are moving alone, you should start looking for a qualified, reliable international moving company as soon as you can.

As we go through the busiest moving season together, we hope you find these recommendations helpful. As circumstances and deadlines change, we will update you. In the meanwhile, our site is stocked with practical moving checklists and suggestions to make the process easier and less stressful. Contact Clutch Moving Company today for all your moving needs.

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