Commercial Movers

When it comes to commercial moving, only the best will do. If your commercial movers aren’t experienced in moving office equipment, you risk losing inventory and damaging office supplies or valuable machinery.

For commercial moving services you can trust to go the extra mile, call Clutch Moving Company.

With Clutch Moving Company heading your move, you won’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll provide you with exceptional commercial moving services that you can trust!

Don’t leave the success of your commercial move up to chance. Call Clutch Moving today!

We’re Simply The Best Commercial And Business Movers In The Area!

Since our humble start in 2017, Clutch Moving company has had the pleasure of helping over 3,000 families, and businesses relocate with our stellar moving services.

It all started with a small dream: to make the moving industry a better place. As movers, we often hear horror stories of movers stealing from clients or treating their valuables with disrespect.

So it became our mission to provide commercial moving services that would bring trust back to the moving industry.

We did better than expected. We’ve handled thousands of relocation jobs and have hundreds of 5-star reviews from delighted clients.

Our services quickly improved as we gained more experience. Before we knew it, we were one of the best commercial moving companies in the Bay Area!

From our humble beginnings to now, we’ve always ensured the best for our clients. We believe our clients deserve moving services that make their life easier, not harder.

And to provide them with professional, exceptional moving services, we know we must go the extra mile.

Every time a client decides to use our services again or refer us to a friend, we know how high the expectations are. But we don’t doubt that we can meet them.

So, go ahead on contact us today. Let the best commercial movers in the area take care of that heavy burden.

Full-Service Commercial, Business, And Office Moving

We want to remove as much of your stress as possible. That includes taking the mystery out of moving and walking you through the entire process.

  • Contact: Give us a call or get a free quote, and we’ll discuss your commercial moving needs. We can also schedule an on-site estimate.

  • Review: Review the estimate and sign the moving contract. It will hold a full breakdown of the fees and what exactly you will be paying for. There will be no hidden costs with Clutch Moving Company.

  • Pre-Moving Day: One of our movers will contact you before the moving day and confirm all details with you and prepare for any last-minute changes.

  • Moving Day: We’ll arrive on time and ready to work. Depending on your chosen services, we’ll organize, pack, wrap, and load your office equipment and inventory.

  • Transport: After loading, we’ll head straight to the new destination. The safest and fastest route will be planned ahead of time, and we won’t deviate from this unless necessary.

  • Unload: Office equipment and inventory will be safely unloaded and taken to the allocated space. Any assembly will be done.

  • Move Complete: A final walk-through will be done, and we will finalize any last-minute moving logistics with you.

  • Get Settled: We’ll say our goodbyes and leave you to settle in your new office space!

Clutch Moving is a full-service commercial, business, and office moving company. That means whatever moving services you need, we’ll provide them.

If you need a whole dedicated team that will pack and disassemble your office, we can do that. If you’ve already packed and need help with only the loading and moving, we can do that too.

No two moves are the same. Whatever your commercial relocation needs are, we’d be happy to help!

Clutch Moving Will Save You Time, Money, And A Lot Of Stress!

Commercial moving means fast moving. We understand how essential business hours are, and any time not up and running is time in which money is lost.

Clutch Moving will ensure your downtime is kept to a minimum. We’ll take the fastest routes, bring out our most experienced movers, and plan for any issues that might arise.

We’ll also ensure no service quality is lost with our swift moving. We have enough experience to handle any move on muscle memory alone.

Clutch Moving Company is a fully licensed and insured moving company. Your office equipment and inventory will be protected by experienced drivers, the law, and insurance for extra peace of mind.

You are also more than welcome to browse our moving gallery, where we showcase our moving procedures.

Commercial moving requires careful handling, especially if you have a fragile inventory or equipment. That’s why we wrap all belongings and pack them securely.

Once everything is loaded in our trucks, it will be packed snuggly to keep it safe and save you money.

Office Relocations, Business Moving, Commercial Moves, We Do It All!

Clutch Moving Company has the expertise to handle your commercial move better than anyone else. For guaranteed quality commercial movers and services you can trust, there is no better choice than us!

Contact Clutch Moving Company at +1 650 204 3607 or get a free, no-obligation quote. Please tell us what your commercial move looks like, and we’ll get right on it.

Partner with Clutch Moving Company. We’re not your average movers and promise to take the pain and stress out of the moving process!