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Don’t Fall For A Moving Scam

Posted on July 2, 2021

Unfortunately, if there is a high-dollar product or service out there, there are scammers that want to exploit people with it and take advantage of them. Moving is one of those things. Moving is especially tricky because most people don’t move that frequently, so they are operating in a territory they aren’t super familiar with and this leaves them even more exposed to potential fraud. Clutch Moving Company wants to make sure your moving day is not only stress-free but also fraud-free. Here are some simple ways you can avoid moving scams.

Don’t rush things at the last minute

Quite often the way that people get tricked into a scam is because they are rushing and not thinking things all the way through. So when you are planning your move, don’t wait until the last minute and try and rush. Set aside enough time to ask a potential moving company questions about their services. Also, if a moving company tries to rush you along, getting you to commit before you have your questions answered, this should be a major red flag.

What is their online rating?

Go online and look up reviews for any moving company you speak with. Specifically, look for any complaints that seem significant. Watch for language suggesting that the movers held a shipment hostage for more money, or that major goods were stolen from the home or the truck. One complaint is enough to raise concern; multiple complaints like this should show you a pattern though and a company you want to avoid working with.

Make sure they are licensed

Any company that performs interstate moves is required to be registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT). Most Large, local companies are also registered as it shows professionalism and eases the minds of potential customers. Ask any potential moving company you are looking to work with for proof of license. That information should be readily available, either on their website or by request. Sites like the DOT track complaints against companies and the bad ones have their affiliations revoked.

Request an itemized, accurate quote

In order to give you an accurate quote, a professional moving company should either require a detailed inventory of your entire home or a walk-through by one of their staff. Some companies offer quotes based on the size or number of rooms in your house, but chances are high that it won’t be accurate. You’ll likely find your final bill is a fair bit higher than that initial quote because you had “more freight than expected”. Most moving scams often begin with a surprisingly low quote that is too good to be true and then at the end you get shocked with a very large bill.

Get it in writing

The best way to avoid surprises is to know about them in advance. Request that the quote, as well as all of the terms and conditions, are sent to you in writing via email. Read them thoroughly and ask for clarification if anything is confusing. If you notice language about additional fees, be sure you fully understand what they are for. If the company you are considering working with is unwilling to clarify anything you aren’t sure about, this is a sign that you may be in for trouble down the road and want to keep interviewing moving companies.

Communication is key

A professional moving company should respond to your questions and communications in a timely and professional manner. If you leave countless messages before you actually get a response, that may be an indicator of how the rest of your business relationship might go. Choose a company that is good with communication and your moving day will be that much easier and less stressful.

Trust your gut

The saying “If something feels off, it probably is” exists for a reason. There are plenty of great moving companies out there. Don’t allow yourself to get sold by a salesperson into going with one that doesn’t feel right. If your gut tells you to move on, keep interviewing companies. You will find one that you click with and have confidence in.

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