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The Ultimate Moving Checklist Everyone Should Know

Posted on July 2, 2021

Moving is a complicated task that needs careful planning in order to avoid unnecessary stress or confusion as you transfer from one house to another.

Packing all of your belongings, deciding which items you have to let go or donate, updating your addresses for utilities and bills, hiring movers, and many other tasks are important. 

To reduce the stress brought by moving we believe that proper planning, organization, and using a checklist will be the best way to do so.

Moving checklist

A moving checklist is the easiest way to ease into your move and breakdown the process piece by piece as you approach moving day. A moving checklist is an excellent method to track your progress and get an overview of how things are going, from defining your plan of action to determining how you will go about packing.

1 month prior moving

✅ Choose your mover and finalize the details.

Choose a moving company and request written confirmation of your moving date, fees, and other details.

✅ Start packing.

Begin by packing the items you use the least. Also, make a note of your things that are valuable that may need additional insurance from your moving company. Make sure to declare all items in writing.

✅ Properly label & Mark you Boxes.

Label and mark each box properly with the contents and the room it is assigned for. Doing so will make inventory of your possessions easier & faster. Pack and mark “essentials” boxes with stuff you’ll need immediately.

✅ Change your address.

Updating & changing your local address is important in areas such as mailing, insurance, and school records, and others. It’s usually a good idea to ask a close neighbor to keep an eye out for mail after you’ve moved. Check up with him or her two weeks after the move, and then again in two weeks.

1-2 weeks before moving

✅ Take the day off from work on moving day.

✅Inform your company/boss that you will be moving and will consequently require the day off.

✅ Cancel any subscriptions

✅Start canceling anything that is linked to what will soon be your previous home address – Internet, cable, newspapers, or any labor services you receive. Call all of your local utility providers and make sure they know the exact day you will no longer be charged for services at your old home address.

✅ Contact the Moving Company

✅Reconfirm the arrangements.

The week of moving day

✅ Finish any last-minute cleaning around your house and make sure everything is organize for when you formally move out.

✅ Finish packing all of your things and attempt to complete everything before moving day. If you no longer require an item, donate it, or give it to someone who needs it, or sell it if possible.

✅ Make transportation arrangements on the day of the move so you know how you’ll reach to the new place. If you have children or pets, make a plan that meets their needs as well, and figure out where they will be while the move is happening.

A day before the moving day

✅ Reconfirm the moving company’s arrival time and other details, and make sure you have precise, written directions to your new house ready for the crew. Include contact details, such as your mobile phone number.

✅ Take out some cash to put you over while you’re moving. This may be useful if you need to grab some pizza or snacks for everyone!

✅ Clean your house and appliances one last time.

Moving day

✅ Pack an essentials bag with items you’ll need right away when you move into your new home. This can include anything from chargers to toothbrushes, quick snacks, etc.

✅ After the movers have put everything onto the moving truck, go through the house one more time to ensure that nothing has been left behind.

✅ Take an inventory. Sign the bill of lading/inventory list and secure a copy before the movers leave.

We hope that you find this Moving Checklist helpful and if you need any help with your moving, call Clutch Moving Company! We will gladly do a free estimate so you know exactly what you’ll pay and have a moving day with no surprises!