Moving Company In Pacifica

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We are the best moving company in Pacifica and offer top-tier moving services! With our affordable prices and stellar customer care, we are confident in our ability to provide moving service guaranteed to leave you satisfied.


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Meet The Best Local Movers In Pacifica!

Clutch Moving Company has humble origins and big dreams; to make the moving industry a better place.

We’ve all heard horror stories of disrespectful or downright shady movers. We took it personally and made it our goal to outbalance the bad with the good.

From our start in 2017, we’ve had the honor of serving over 3000 families and businesses by helping them on their relocating journey.

We’ve gained a reputation as steller movers and garnered a ton of 5-star reviews. Most of our clients refer us to friends and family members and use our services for all future moving projects.


Now we are one of the best moving companies in Pacifica!


From our humble beginning to now, we understood that to be the best moving company. We had to provide the best moving services.

With every move, we go beyond what is expected of us. We provide outstanding services and empathetic customer care and ensure our clients are taken care of every step of the road.

The expectations are high, but we’re confident we’ll meet them. So, give us a call today and let Clutch Moving Company be your dream moving team!

Go On And Hire Local Movers In Pacifica, California!

Besides our record of exceptional service, here are some other reasons why hiring Clutch Moving Company is your best choice:

  • Licensed & Insured: Clutch Moving Company is a fully licensed and insured moving company. When you work with us, there will be no roadside delays, accidents, or issues that leave you with damage or debt.

  • Experienced Movers: Our movers are carefully chosen and undergo intense training before being allowed to work on moves. Every Clutch Movers works perfectly as a unit or on its own and will creatively solve problems and provide you with physical and mental support.

  • Protection: Browse our gallery to see exactly how we’ll handle your belongings. We protect fragile items by wrapping them and safeguarding your property during the loading and unloading.

  • Budget Friendly: Moving is expensive. This is why we make sure to save your money where we can. We have no hidden fees, only recommend services we think you need, and work tirelessly to save money.

  • Tailored To You: Every moving project is different. We tailor the moving experience to your needs, whether because of budget constraints, deadlines, or environmental factors. Whatever you need, know that Clutch Moving Company will work tirelessly to provide it.

Full-Service & Professional Moving Service In Pacifica, CA!

For full-service and professional moving services in Pacifica, give Clutch Moving Company a call today! Contact us at +1 650 204 3607 or get a free quote and let’s start planning your move.


With our variety of elite services and a team of exceptional movers, we are confident in our ability to provide only the best for our clients. Don’t put your life in the hands of movers that don’t know what to do.

Instead, put your life and trust in us and witness how good a moving company can be!

Local Moving

Just because local moving covers a relatively short distance doesn’t mean things can’t go wrong. You’ll be stuck with delays and dangerous unloading zones without proper planning.

That’s why Clutch Moving Company plans ahead.

We’ll map out the fastest route to your new destination and look for the perfect place to unload safely. Whether you need help moving to a college dorm or want to move your home across town, we’ve got you covered!


Residential Moving

Letting strangers into your home is risky business. And, if we’re being honest, a little uncomfortable. But with Clutch Moving Company at your side, it doesn’t need to be.

We’re a fully vetted moving company with exceptional customer care. Every one of our movers will make sure you feel comfortable and supported.

We’ll handle your belongings with the same love and care we’d do on our own and get your home relocated swiftly and smoothly.


Commercial Moving

Without careful planning and an experienced moving company at your back, your commercial move runs the risk of being a disaster. Luckily, Clutch Moving Company has the experience to take care of your commercial move!

We know how to plan and organize commercial moves. We know how to move and take care of any fragile office equipment. We know how to solve problems and will keep your downtime to a minimum.

You won’t have to worry about any commercial moving woes, not with Clutch Moving at your side.


Long Distance Moving

Long-distance moving requires experience and grit, both of which Clutch Moving Company has in abundance. When we handle your long-distance move, we guarantee we’ll arrive on time and with everything just as you left it.

When we take your move, we plan by choosing the fastest and safest route. Our trucks are regularly serviced and will keep your belongings safe from people and the weather as we make our trek. And with our licensed drivers in control, you won’t have to worry about bad drivers or accidents that put your belongings at risk.


Packing Service

Why deal with the frustration of packing when we can do it for you? Clutch Moving Company movers are experienced packers and will handle in a few hours what would have taken anyone else days.

We’ll organize and pack your belongings in clearly labeled boxes. We’ll carefully wrap all fragile items and use all available space to ensure everything is secure and save you money.


White Glove Deliveries

Clutch Moving Company works closely with interior designers and understands the struggle of delivering luxury items. That’s why we offer white glove deliveries, where we deliver your precious furniture while wearing white gloves.

Whether luxury items or old, fragile pieces, we’ll make sure to deliver your furniture in perfect condition.