Burlingame Moving Company

Are you in need of moving services but find everyone lacking? Don’t stress because you’ve stumbled onto the Burlingame moving company of your dreams!


Clutch Moving Company offers premium moving services at rates anyone can afford. Built with people in mind, our company is guaranteed to provide you with moving services you will never forget.


If that sounds like your cup of tea, give us a call today! We’ll quickly put your move in top gear.

Full-Service & Professional Moving Service In Burlingame, CA!

We’ve all heard horror stories of disrespectful or dangerous movers. Understandably, It’s made many clients wary of the moving industry.

Clutch Moving Company aims to provide moving services that restore the trust people once had in the moving industry.

To do this, we know we need to provide moving services beyond anyone’s expectations, which is what we’ve been doing.

Since our start in 2017, we’ve been honored to serve over 3,000 families and businesses with their relocations! We have dozens of 5-star reviews, and many of our clients repeatedly use our services or refer us to loved ones.


We’ve garnered a reputation as intelligent, reliable, and friendly movers who go above and beyond for clients. A moving company people can trust.

And we’ll do the same for you!

The expectations people have of us are high, but we are confident we can meet them. To Clutch Moving Company, this isn’t just a job. It’s a service we provide that can brighten the future for clients.

You can put your faith in us, and we promise to deliver.

Give us a call today, and let’s start the next part of your journey with joy!


Why Hire Our Local Movers In Burlingame, California?

Still on the fence about Clutch Moving Company? You won’t be for long! Here are some reasons why hiring us is the right choice for you.

  • Licensed & Insured: Clutch Moving Company is a fully licensed and insured moving company. When you hire us, you won’t have to deal with any accidents, delays, or suspicious dealing that put you or your valuables at risk.

  • Experienced Movers: Every Clutch Moving Company mover was carefully chosen for their creative problem-solving skills and drive to do better. With intense training, these diamonds are polished and let loose. With our expert and experienced movers at your back, you will see how stress-free moving can be.

  • Protection: Your belongings are always safe in our hands. We handle all items with the utmost care and wrap them to provide maximum protection. Please browse our gallery for a demonstration of exactly how we’ll manage your valuables.

  • Budget Friendly: Moving, no matter where you go, is expensive. Suspiciously cheap companies are bound to run off with some of your goods. Clutch Moving Company always charges reasonable prices and only offers services we think you need. We make an effort to preserve your budget.

  • Tailored To Your Needs: Moving is personal and needs to match your needs to the smallest detail. Clutch Moving Company listens to your needs and adjusts to accommodate them.

Best Local Movers In Burlingame, Period!

Say no to stress and amateurish movers! Hire the best Burlingame moving company today and give us a call at +1 650 535 2424. Or, if you’re a little shy, get a free quote.

With elite services and exceptional customer care, Clutch Moving Company is the only moving company that can confidently guarantee moving success. With experience and creative thinking, we’ll ensure your move runs smoothly.

For moving services that will make your life better and the next phase of your journey easier, give Clutch Moving Company a call!

Local Moving

Local moving is often thought of as the easiest moving project. But anyone with experience will tell you otherwise. Without proper planning, you risk dangerous situations.

Clutch Moving knows this and is prepared for it.

When handling local moving, we plan to ensure enough parking and a safe space to unload your belongings. We prepare the shortest and fastest route to save you time and money. But, most importantly, we give it our all, no matter the size of your job.


Residential Moving

Residential moving can feel uncomfortable, and it might even be a little dangerous without the right moving company. That’s why you should give Clutch Moving Company a call.

Clutch Moving Company is a residential moving expert. We understand how trying this time is and try our hardest to make the process comfortable.

We’ll handle your home like we would our own and lay down protective measures to protect your valuables and your property. We’ll handle your home relocation with the love and care it deserves.


Commercial Moving

Commercial moving requires insane amounts of planning and grit. Without an experienced and professional moving company at your side, you run the risk of incurring hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damages.

Clutch Moving Company has the experience. We plan commercial moving projects down to the smallest detail. Inventory is logged and organized to ensure everything arrives at the new destination.

With our modern moving equipment and clean trucks, you won’t have to deal with broken office equipment. We prioritize keeping downtime to a minimum and work hard to get you back in business as soon as possible.


Long Distance Moving

If there is one moving job that requires the most grit, it’s long-distance moving. Staying awake and focused on long stretches of road is not for the faint of heart.

With our experienced movers at the helm and our regularly serviced trucks, you won’t have to worry about foul weather or people interfering with your long-distance move.


Packing Service

Don’t let packing get you down, not when you can hire Clutch Moving Company to take care of it for you. What would take another moving company days will take us hours to complete.

We will organize and pack your belongings in clearly labeled boxes. All items will be wrapped, and fragile items will be given extra attention. In no time, you’ll be ready to move.


White Glove Deliveries

Luxury furniture delivery can be a nightmare. That’s why we offer our white glove services.

We’ll wear white gloves and bring your luxury goods straight to you. With our clean trucks and expert care, you will receive furniture that looks just as it did in the catalog.