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Moving? Here Are 4 Of The Most Effective Methods For Unpacking

Posted on March 29, 2022

Give yourself a little patience and accept that unpacking and arranging your new house will take some time, regardless of whether your packing approach is more Marie Kondo or total chaos.

Place the boxes in the rooms where they belong

Move the boxes to the rooms or locations where they will eventually be unpacked, rather than adding to a rising mound as soon as you walk through the front door of your new house. (Hopefully, you’ve previously labeled those boxes so you don’t put toiletries in the kitchen and bakeware in the bathroom.)

Another tip: if you have extra space in your current home that you didn’t have in your previous home, such as a spare bedroom or dining room, you can put boxes there until you’re ready to organize it.

Use the ABC method

This is an alphabet system used to identify between the different levels of urgency when it comes to unpacking boxes. Items that require frequent contact, such as toiletries or a coffee machine or teapot, are marked with a “A.” Things that should be maintained within arm’s reach but aren’t needed every day are labeled “B.” Then there’s “C,” which is for one-time or seasonal items like holiday decorations and skis that may be packed for a little longer, especially if you’re relocating in the summer.

Concentrate on a single room at a time

It’s time to start unpacking after you’ve cleaned the area. The kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms are often the most critical spaces to organize first, but your demands will determine how you organize the remainder of your space.

We recommend going slowly, box by box, and concentrating on one room at a time. People get overwhelmed by organizing, become unorganized, and throw their hands up in the air because they try to accomplish too much at once.

Seek the help of a well-organized pal

If you know someone who is extremely organized, they will be eager to come into your home and assist you. So go ahead and get their assistance in unpacking. Doing it with your bossiest friend is usually a good thing to do.

There’s no shame in asking for help, and there’s no shame in taking more than a weekend to get organized and unpack your stuff.

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