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Living in San Jose, CA? Things to know before moving

Posted on May 18, 2024

San Jose, one of California’s oldest and largest cities, is located in Santa Clara County, in Northern California, in the Bay Area region. It is known for nearby Silicon Valley, a technological hub that the world knows about. 

It has about one million inhabitants, and a large number are young professionals and families, millennials, entrepreneurs, and techies. As you can see, the city is neither too big nor too small. It is an ideal combination of an urban business environment, numerous amenities, and quiet neighborhoods. So now the question arises: is San Jose a good place to live? And we intend to answer your every question.

Geographical and Climate Overview

San Jose is located in the plains but is surrounded by high mountain ranges. Some peaks are 300ft. high, and one is 1000ft. San Francisco Bay is nearby, and that terrain configuration also affects the city’s microclimate.

The climate is classified as Mediterranean type, which means warm, but it implies an alternation of dry and wet periods. The dry season is very stable; pleasant sunny days mostly prevail. The wet period means a lot of rain and wind but not low temperatures. It lasts from November to March. During spring, showers are possible, but June, July, and August are dry. Then, the highest temperatures are 80-85F. Winter temperatures range from 50-60F, and nighttime temperatures are 40F.

The whole area has a lot of greenery, so the effects of global warming are mitigated. The climate generally has not changed too much over the years. It is enjoyable, and there are no strenuous variations or temperature oscillations.


Economic Landscape

The former economy based on agriculture was transformed entirely by technological impact. Become the place where the largest tech companies were founded, San Jose and Silicon Valley become attractive to many educated professionals. That principle of immigrating in search of promising work continues even today. Highly qualified young professionals find their place under the Sun right here.

The global hub for technology and innovation has been dominant for decades. Service businesses, commercial, hi-tech manufacturing, retail, and all other types of professions and jobs are represented here.

EBay, Cisco Systems, and David & Buster provide excellent jobs and all employee benefits. San Jose’s economy is not stagnant but tends toward constant growth and development.

The cost of living is about $7,800 per month for a family and about $5,100 for a single person.


Housing Market

From all of the above, it is clear that the I housing market here demands a lot of money. San Jose is not a cheap city. Income must follow all expenses, and housing is one of the most important.

The choice is excellent. Houses in beautiful neighborhoods, apartments, and condos in the city center are available in all sizes and styles.

Depending on your finances and needs, you can choose between a Spanish colonial-style villa and a modern apartment with a view of the city panorama.

The average house costs about $1,150,000, and the monthly rent is about $2,500. Many residents are homeowners, but many also rent.

The price range for homes is $728,000-$2,500,000. This is one of the important things to analyze before moving.

You should definitely hire professionals and consider their advice regarding the right property for you. Some of the famous highly rated neighborhoods in San Jose are:

  • Blossom Valley

  • West San Jose

  • Campbell

  • Cambrian

  • Burbank

  • Los Gatos

  • Evergreen

  • Downtown San Jose

  • Silver Creek

Cost of Living

If we analyze the most important things needed for elementary functioning, we come to the following data:



Heating, electricity, gas – $115 for family, $76 for single



All that is needed for food and drinks per day for two people is about $67 on average. The cost of eating out or going out to a restaurant is not included.



Depending on whether you take public transportation or drive your own car, the costs are as follows:

1 liter of gas (a quarter of a gallon) is $1.3

Public transport – $115 per month

Taxi – 17$ (5 miles)

Other costs include personal care, clothes, cleaning help, and entertainment, and they are also more expensive than average.


Education System

This is a large area with a large population, so both the number and the quality of schools are adapted to that. It has a number of excellent, renowned schools, including San Jose State University, one of the top-rated universities in the USA.

Some schools that cover the San Jose area are Lynbrook High, Cupertino High, Los Gatos High, Leland High, Blossom Hill Elementary, and University Preparatory Academy Charter School. They are characterized as places with a quality program and dedicated teaching staff.

The private Harker School, Montessori School, and BASIS Independent Silicon Valley are well-known.


Cultural and Social Life

The foundations of San Jose were laid in the 18th century. It is a territory where many different nations, religions, and individuals have passed through and settled. Therefore, the cultural diversity is incredible. Even today, Spanish and English are spoken in parallel. Many new residents brought with them their own cultural identities, languages, and accents. So, in San Jose, expect a big box of sweets with different cultural offerings and contents.

If you are interested in contemporary art, visit the Institute of Contemporary Art. It is a place where the works and installations of current artists are constantly coming out. The San Jose Museum of Art, with its innovative and visionary ideas, attracts tourists and residents.

Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, The Tech Interactive, Art Gallery Wine&Deisgn, Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, San Jose Museum Quilts&Textiles, The Winchester Mystery House… these are just some of the amazing points of cultural content.

Let’s add California Theater, San Jose Civic, Montgomery Theater, and Center for the Performing Arts for theater and film fans.

The essences of these museums and galleries are diverse, so children, adults, amateurs, and professionals can choose what interests them. Along with enjoying the encounter with different artistic experiences of the world, you will also learn a lot of new things.

There are a lot of interesting things to do in San Jose, social life should not be doubted. A huge offer of restaurants, bars, cafeterias, cultural events, festivals, concerts, sports events, and farmer’s markets make up the essence of social life. Nightlife, hanging out with friends, barbecues… are things you organize yourself according to your taste.


Family Activities

Family activities can be numerous and varied. You can walk around the city, do panoramic sightseeing, have lunch together, or go to one of the museums or cinemas. You can visit Japan’s Friendship Garden, Happy Hollow Par & ZOO, Los Gatos Creek Trail, Raging Waters, or History Park. The list of common opportunities for socializing is endless.

You can visit the parks and the surrounding places. Santa Cruz is one of them. There are Santa Cruz Beaches, a boat tour, a Lighthouse, an Amusement park, Natural bridges, and much more. Nearby is the Aquarium in Monterey. Everything is very close, so explore San Jose and its exciting surroundings.


Outdoor Activities

California is the global capital of healthy living. For decades, it has been the epicenter of sports, fitness, and new activities. A healthy eating regimen is considered a general culture. Everything that contributes to vitality and good health is promoted.

These are some reasons why outdoor activity opportunities dominate the entire San Jose area. What is the simplest and why you need a minimum of equipment is walking, jogging, and biking. 

Many trails are ideal for hiking and mountain biking. Coyote Creek Trail, Los Gatos Creek Trail and Bridge, Three Creeks Trail, Odette Morrow Trail, Montgomery Hill Park, Almaden Quicksilver County Park, and many other parks and trails challenge you to explore them and enjoy the untouched wilderness and nature.

If you are a brave adventurer drawn by distances, joining the Pacific Crest Trail here is easy. You have Yosemite, Sierra Nevada, and many more national parks and landscapes to explore.


Pros and Cons of Living in San Jose

As always, there are no ideal things, so we will share some facts about San Jose.

San Jose has its flaws, that’s for sure. We will start with cons. San Jose is an expensive city. This is the most crucial information that you have to face in order not to be in trouble.

Housing is expensive, but other costs are also high. First, find a job, compare your income and expenses, and then decide on moving.

Although the city authorities clean regularly, the city, especially downtown, is dirty. This is the fate of every place where there is a large flow of people. Neighborhoods are much neater and cleaner because residents take extra care of the environment.

The crime rate is moderately high but not enough to cause panic. Any movement on busy, well-lit streets is safe, and the police do their job professionally and responsibly.

Of course, the pros far outweigh the cons. There are so many benefits of living in San Jose. It is a beautiful city surrounded by wonderful surroundings, with a wide range of employment opportunities and good earnings.

Most of the neighborhoods are well organized and maintained, and there are many schools that are highly rated.

There is a rich offer of cultural and social activities, as well as sports and outdoor activities. You won’t be able to decide which one to choose first.

San Jose is more than just a city. It’s a modern, promising, and attractive place where you can lead a life that’s not just comfortable, but also filled with interesting experiences.


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