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Best neighborhoods in San Jose, CA

Posted on June 20, 2024

San Jose is known to be the largest city in Northern California, and is home to a wide range of neighborhoods, with different backgrounds, cultures, and activities to choose

from. Its diversity makes it the perfect city for families, students and professionals to live in, as long as you choose the right place. Indeed, its multiculturalism allows the city to bear multiple facets, some of which you may find more enticing than others.

Let’s explore some of the best neighborhoods in San Jose, CA!

Factors to consider when choosing a neighborhood

There are many things to take into account when looking for the nicest neighborhood. For instance, if you would like to move in with your family, you would rather choose somewhere safe and close to a school, convenience stores, or amenities such as libraries, restaurants, parks to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Or perhaps are you a professional? In that case, you should prioritize an area next to your workplace. Should you work for any of the big tech companies residing in San Jose, many neighborhoods close to their offices are available to you.

Being a student can be challenging. Which is why it is in your best interest to choose a neighborhood close to your university or school, as it is important to cut travel costs and avoid extra charges in that state of life.

Regardless of what you’re searching for, San Jose has you covered and will meet all of your demands and needs.

Willow Glen

Willow Glen is the top pick for best neighborhood in San Jose! It is family friendly and one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in San Jose. It boasts one of the best public and private schools in California, making it an ideal place for children. Not to mention, it is also the home of the eBay headquarters, meaning that professionals working for this company may find it interesting to move here.

Plus, it has many interesting places to visit, such as Lincoln Avenue, Palm Haven, many diners and shops from various cultures that are certain to meet any of your shopping needs. The architecture is varied, making for an intriguing neighborhood to visit, with Colonial Revival, Neoclassical, and Tudor styles to name a few.

The community in this neighborhood is friendly and welcoming, with many associations organizing multiple events throughout the year, such as the Founder’s Day Parade.

However, you also have to keep in mind that due to Willow Glen’s wealth, life and real estates can be expensive there. There are little to no apartments, as the vast majority of the neighborhood is composed of single family homes. Finally, the nightlife leaves a lot to be desired compared to the other neighborhoods of San Jose, which, depending on your lifestyle, may or may not suit you.

Almaden Valley

Almaden Valley is a neighborhood located between the Santa Teresa Hills and the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is most suited for families and people who want to bond with nature.

Trails and parks are the main attractions. There are over 15 parks and a dozen trails to take, whether you like hiking, cycling, or simply visit the neighborhood, there is a trail made for you. Simply put, Almaden Valley is among the most natural neighborhoods in San Jose. With its vast amount of places to visit and beautiful natural landscapes, this is a great neighborhood for families and outdoor enthusiasts, who can forge unforgettable memories.

It is also ideal for children regardless of where you live, as you have 8 schools to choose from, leaving you with lots of freedom when it comes to your child’s education.

Much like Willow Glen, living here can be expensive and nightlife is not very active. And with little to no public transports, you are forced to be dependent on your personal vehicle.

Downtown San Jose

Downtown San Jose is a vibrant neighborhood fit for young professionals and people who enjoy a bustling city life. Indeed, the population is young, and with its diverse bars, clubs, festivals, diners, shops, and its vast amount of venues like Cafe Stritch.

There’s more than just nightlife entertainment in Downtown San Jose. There are many cultural places to visit, including the Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, the San Jose Museum of Art, or even the California Theatre.

It is easy to navigate without needing a car, and public transports are commonly present all over. Plus, it is home to many companies, including Adobe, the Adobe World Headquarters, which is why young professionals may find this neighborhood interesting to live in.

This bustling activity comes at a price, as there are lots of noises, and the crime rate is high compared to other neighborhoods.

Silver Creek

Silver Creek is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of San Jose; people looking for a luxurious life should look no further. Golf enthusiasts will feel right at home too, as golf courses are Silver Creek’s specialty, with clubs, practice facilities, and tournaments being held regularly.

The most affluent families can expect nothing but the best. On top of privacy and safety, children will have access to one of the most prestigious schools in San Jose. There are also some breathtaking locations nearby, such as the Silver Creek Preserve.

The community is populated by golf enthusiasts and professionals alike, which makes for a difficult community to be part of if golf is not to your liking. Plus, the secluded nature of this  neighborhood makes it hard for a professional to stay, as Silver Creek is far from the rest of San Jose.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden is among the most charming neighborhoods in San Jose. It shines in its aesthetic, with the Municipal Rose Garden, boasting over 200 rose varieties spread across a 5.5 acre park. Its homes have Spanish Revival and Victorian architectural styles, giving it a unique, unaltered aspect.

There is a strong sense of community in Rose Garden, and as such, it is one of the friendliest neighborhoods in San Jose. Multiple events are held, such as the spring Bloom Festival and the Rose Garden Deadheading.

This area is ideal for retirees and families alike, seeking for a quiet place, while also being close to various amenities. Rose Garden is a few minutes away from Downtown San Jose. However, it is also among the most expensive neighborhoods to live in.

Cambrian Park

Cambrian Park is ideal for families and professionals alike, for its quietness and closeness to San Jose, which allows for a good balance between being close to your workplace and staying away from the bustling city life.

Community is important in Cambrian Park. Parks are the main attraction of the neighborhood, with Houge Park being the most popular, as it holds playgrounds, picnics areas, and tennis courts. The Paul Moore Park is used for community gatherings. Schools, on top of being high-grade, have a strong emphasis on community, inviting its students to participate in gatherings.

Many stores and restaurants are family-owned, which strengthens the sense of community. However, this quietness comes at a price, as there is a lack of shops and services, which forces potentially unwanted travels.


One of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in San Jose, Berryesa has a strong Vietnamese community and an excellent education system.

This neighborhood is home to many Vietnamese restaurants and stores, alongside with plenty of events, traditions and holidays, making Berryessa a perfect place for families and those interested in discovering a unique culture. On top of its rich culture, Berryessa is not short on landscapes and areas to explore, the Berryessa Creek Park being the most popular.

The fact it is culturally diverse also means that this neighborhood is fairly popular and a big target for families wanting to spend the holidays. Thus, there might be risks of overcrowding, especially in the more popular areas of the neighborhood, and especially during events such as the Berryessa Art & Wine Festival.


Known for its modernity, Evergreen is a convenient neighborhood for families and professionals. It is a comfortable place to live in, with its modern housing and activities all around. Its landmarks strike a balance between tradition with homes in a Californian Spanish style, and modernity with buildings, such as Eastridge or the Evergreen Valley College.

There are many activities to look out for. Such as Lake Cunningham, offering a skatepark and trails. The Evergreen Village Square also provides a library, dining and shopping locations.

Education is also among the most modern in the area. The Evergreen Valley College is home to an Educational Technology Center, and is one of the better schools to be in service in this neighborhood.

Since Evergreen is a city in development, your stay may be disturbed by construction work and noise.

West San Jose

West San Jose is a convenient neighborhood for tech professionals and families alike for its safety and ease of access to other locations. Indeed, it is close to Cupertino, home to many technology companies, including the famous Apple Inc. Headquarters, which tech professionals may find beneficial.

Families will enjoy West San Jose for its various attractions, such as Santana Row, a purely commercial district with brand and local shops, spas, and restaurants.

As enticing as this neighborhood may be, housing is on the expensive side.

North San Jose

Home to many tech giants like Samsung and Paypal, North San Jose is the main hub for technological research, offering plenty of job opportunities, making this neighborhood particularly interesting for young professionals and tech workers.

Not only is it technologically advanced, it is also offering modern housing options. Public transport is widespread, and is connected to many major highways, allowing people to travel quickly to different cities.

However, due to its rapid growth, it is progressively getting rid of most green spaces.


Japantown is a neighborhood with a strong emphasis on Japanese culture. Its cultural heritage is shown through its restaurants, shops, and historic buildings.

Its community is proud of their heritage, and it shows with the plethora of events one may participate in, such as the Obon Festival, the Nikkei Matsuri, or the Lunar New Year, making this San Jose neighborhood perfect for people in search for cultural experiences or tight-knight communities.

While it is an interesting location to call home, its urban density is large, and life is expensive due to the already premium side of Japanese culture.

South San Jose

Seeking affordable safe neighborhoods in San Jose? Look no further! South San Jose is known as one of the safest neighborhoods in San Jose! For families and movers on a budget, South San Jose is the ideal neighborhood. Housing may be less expensive than any of the other neighborhoods, but it does not make it any less enticing.

South San Jose may lack the density and activity of the latter neighborhoods, but it is family-friendly, safe for children, has numerous parks and carries a strong sense of community, where every resident ensures that the neighborhood is welcoming and safe for everyone.


At the end of the day, only you know what is best for you, which is why you should learn more about each of these neighborhoods and decide which one of them best suit your needs. Once you’ve decided where your dream home shall be, the Clutch Moving Company offers an irreproachable moving service, allowing you to relocate to your new home stress-free.

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