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11 Brilliant Ways to Make Moving Easy

Posted on September 28, 2021

The majority of people hate relocating. Packing, arranging, hauling, forcing friends to help – the whole process might seem overwhelming, but if you follow these tips and techniques, the moving day may be a lot less stressful. Here are different ways to make moving easy that will save you time and hassle!

Look for free moving boxes

Save some money by getting all of the boxes you need for free. The best locations to look at include Craigslist’s ‘free’ section, food and clothes stores, and warehouse-style businesses.

Get rid of your belongings

Now that you’re going through your belongings, it’s a great opportunity to see what can be donated or discarded. Make an effort to reduce your things so that your moving will be simpler and your new house will be less cluttered.

Set a schedule to avoid being stressed

Make a plan! Remember to defrost, towel dry, and clean your refrigerator 24 to 48 hours before moving day. Otherwise, it will be filthy and leaking!

Before you unplug your appliances, take photographs of them

Take a photo of the cables on the back of your television and other gadgets with your phone or camera before unplugging them to be packed away so you know where they all go. This will save you a lot of time the next time you set it up.

Prepare the first-night box

Most people do not consider this and wind up searching through many boxes on moving day to find their pajamas or coffee maker. Prepare a “first-night” box containing all of your amenities, some clothing, and anything you’ll need the next morning, such as plates and cutlery or your hairdryer.

Wrap your drawers with plastic wrap – with just about everything inside

Have plastic wrap to maintain dresser drawers closed while the moving truck jiggles them about, or for trays of goods that are alright staying in the trays as long as they don’t fall out. You may also keep the contents in there because the drawers are no longer at risk of slipping open.

Use wine cases to store your glassware

There’s likely to be a nearby pub, winery, or even some supermarket stores with empty wine cases you can grab. It keeps your glasses organized, and it’s simple to insert some newspaper or other padding into each pocket to protect and secure them.

Make a basket for packing supplies

Save yourself the trouble of misplacing packing goods or rushing around your house/apartment because you left the scissors in one room and the tape in another. Get a box or a basket for supplies that you can carry from room to room; that way, you’ll have everything with you when you switch activities and won’t have to waste time looking for materials you left in another area.

Make holes in the sides of the boxes for easy lifting

Cut triangle-shaped holes on either side of your heavier boxes using a box cutter to create improvised grips for easy lifting.

Use soft items as padding

You don’t require as much packing as you believe! Soft things from around the house can be used to securely and effectively pack other items. Towels, stockings, sheets, and other soft or squishy items make excellent and inexpensive packing material. This helps you save money and save space as you don’t need additional storage space for your stockings, towels, and sheets.

When you wish to start unpacking at a non-glacial speed, black and white labels are difficult to identify. Instead, use bright labels — either handwritten or printed — and create a color-coding scheme for your boxes to easily keep track of what is where.

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